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A Letter from Corbin & Paige

Hello from Michigan! We are so happy to introduce ourselves! We are very excited and ready to start our family through adoption and we would love to have an open adoption with you. Our life is full of joy, faith, family, and friends. We love doing life together and the things we love like golfing, playing music, running or walking, and movie nights at home!

About Us

We grew up together as friends long before we started our relationship. We love spending time together and with the people we love. We share the same core values, convictions, and faith. Enjoying life and laughing together is one of our greatest joys. Our strength remains in our foundation of Christ and the reality that we will always be best friends.

We can typically be found at Church, on the golf course, or spending time with family. We love to cook together and make meals for friends. We love finding new coffee shops and can’t wait to share some hot chocolate or delicious treats with our little one! We’re very active and enjoy running or going for walks together. We’re excited to go on family walks and find new trails to explore!

Our family and community play a huge role in our lives and support us so well. We look forward to sharing a strong sense of community and acceptance with our child. Adoption has been a dream of ours when talking about our future family, and after years of infertility we’re grateful God has called us to adopt!

About Paige (by Corbin)

My wife, Paige, is a beautiful person. She is strong, passionate, steadfast, and tender-hearted. I love how she’s always there for her friends in times of stress and need. So many go to her for wisdom and comfort, and she always makes time for them. Paige works at a local coffee shop as the manager. She is more than a leader at work–her employees are her friends, and they laugh together all the time! Paige loves to be home! She’s always moving things around and rearranging just for the fun of it. She loves thrifting, antiquing, house plants, and decorating our house. She enjoys crocheting baby items and sweaters. She is excited to make our child blankets and sweaters as they grow! She loves baking pies for any occasion and is excited to have a little helper. Paige will be such a great mom! She will share her love of creativity with our child.

About Corbin (by Paige)

My husband, Corbin, is an absolute treasure to me! He is an old soul with wisdom beyond his years, but also a child-like goofiness that warms everyone in his life! One of my favorite things about Corbin is his confidence. He is always truly himself in all things and is constantly on the move! Corbin loves golfing, running, playing guitar, writing music, grilling with friends, and hunting. He has this strange ability to be good at whatever he sets his mind to. He can make friends with pretty much anyone and makes everyone feel valued and heard. Corbin is a worship pastor at our local church and loves his work and team. We consider them our family! He also cleans windows on the side and loves being part of a growing local business. Corbin will be an amazing dad! Children are drawn to him because of his energy and fun personality! He’s excited to share with our child his love of music and his love for Jesus. 

Our Family

We love our families so much! We are so close to all of them. Most of them live within 20 minutes of us and we visit nearly every week. They are all so thrilled to welcome another grandchild/niece/nephew, spoil them with love, and share with them our family traditions. Our family traditions include making applesauce in the fall, playing floor hockey in the winter, and camping in the summer. Most days you can find us all sitting around the kitchen table sipping tea or playing soccer in the yard.

We have two cats, Mia and Giggs. Mia is always down to cuddle and Giggs is always ready to explore! They bring a lot of joy to our home.

Our Home in Michigan

We live in a wonderfully cozy two-bedroom home. It has lots of open space in the living room and dining room areas. We fell in love with our neighborhood before we were looking for houses! It’s quiet and we have amazing neighbors! We have a fully fenced-in yard with a little deck for entertaining. We are having so much fun making our second room a nursery. We love visiting our local antique and thrift shops to find fun unique pieces for each room. Our favorite thing about our home is how well it reflects our style and personalities!

Our Promise

We promise we will love your child unconditionally. We trust God and cannot wait to see what gifts and callings He has for your child. We look forward to sharing our family traditions and our love of Jesus. We pledge to help them discover their purpose and will champion them in their journey. We will cheer for them, encourage them and share with them our passions. We promise to honor you and speak about you with love. We will respect their cultural backgrounds and will educate ourselves on them. We would love to have an open adoption and we will uphold any level of openness you wish to have!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Corbin & Paige

  Corbin Paige
Our EducationDiploma of MinistryHigh School
Our ProfessionsWorship PastorCoffee Shop Manager
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Corbin & Paige's Favorites
Activity in our neighborhood Grab a coffeeGo for walks with friends
Thing to do on the weekend Cookout with friends or go golfingWork on house projects
TV showSeinfeld Parks and Recreation
Recipe to make for friends Garlic shrimpLemon meringue pie
FoodSeafood or PizzaSushi or Ramen noodles
SeasonSummer! I love having plenty of time for activities and the warm weatherFall! I love to watch the leaves change and cozy up in our home
Coffee Shop DrinkBlack coffee or a pour overIt depends on how I'm feeling! Typically green tea or black coffee, but I love oat milk lattes
More About Our Family
Fun Facts About Us

1. We are high school sweethearts! We were best friends growing up and knew we were going to get married. So we did just that right out of high school!

2. We spent our first years of marriage in Australia! Corbin went to a ministry school in Sydney, Australia for 2 years. We cherish our stories and memories of those times!

3. We both grew up in the Church we serve at. Paige was 6 months old when it started. The people there are truly family to us. We are so excited to raise our family there too!

Our Values

In our family it is important that everyone feels that they are loved, that they belong and that they matter. We try to create a strong sense of acceptance where everyone feels the freedom to pursue their passions and chase their dreams. Our faith is a big part of our life too and we believe Jesus is the Lord and leader of our life. In our home, prayer and worship are very important. Music is a large part of our life with Corbin being a worship pastor. He loves playing guitar, piano, and writing songs.

Our Heart for Open Adoption

We would love to have an open adoption and view it as having more family to love! We believe that adoption is a lifelong bond between families, and we are honored that we could have the opportunity to nurture that relationship for your child, if you're comfortable.

What We Love Most About Our Home

Our home is full of houseplants! Paige has collected many throughout the years and loves caring for them. When people walk into our home they usually comment on our fun furniture or the amount of greenery everywhere. We enjoy the fun retro feel of our home!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

newborn to 2 years old





Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 2 years old

In Closing

We are thrilled to start our family through adoption. We look forward to sharing our love of music, sports, and creativity with your child! We are so happy to welcome them into our family and community. We are so happy you chose to learn more about us and we're excited to meet you! We are praying for you and want you to know how loved you already are! We would love to have an open adoption sharing letters, photos, and visits.

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